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By embarking on this journey you will be 200% more prepared than 95% of the population in case of a financial crisis. A couple years ago a pandemic hit us out of nowhere. When it happens, it’s too late to “prepare”. A financial crisis is not some “myth” or “insane prediction”. We’ve witnessed financial crisis many times throughout history usually by way of a recession or inflation. Now we’re dealing with pandemics.

You are about to instantly benefit from diversifying your savings, using precious metals, even if you are totally clueless about the benefits. You can earn money from the business opportunity (you get paid every time you share this life-changing opportunity with others), and you can receive silver and gold like clockwork each month. 

You can literally set it and forget it.. You will be earning money and wealth up to 10 different ways – with ONE system!

This is a HUGE step towards financial security. Adding silver and gold (AKA precious metals) to your wealth can protect the value of your savings – it can minimize the amount of risks and uncertainties that are associated with long term savings and you can have total control over your assets because you physically hold it in your possession. I am hopeful that you will take action. Do this for yourself, for your family, for your generational wealth.


Are you tired of trying to build wealth the traditional way? Most traditional methods are outdated. In todays world wealth is built through multiple streams of income etc. With LAV, you get a complete wealth-building system that is mostly automated. Instead of getting one sale from each customer, you get paid from the same customer over and over, month after month! Any person that buys from you, they add on to your recurring revenue…snowballing until you barely have to do anything to earn each month. Your journey with LAV will help make your life more comfortable and stress free. LAV will handle your customer support, close your sales for you, and assign a dedicated account manager to answer any questions you may have. Since we handle customer support and process all orders, your out-of-pocket expenses are greatly reduced. This is unheard of! With LAV, we remove all the guess work and allow you to plug into a proven system for as low as just $69/month. If you want to earn more and work less, get started with LAV today.

We know that getting sales can be difficult and advertising can be expensive. We even assist with that.

Partner with Us to 

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Listen to Our Real Members

“Dear LAV – We want to let LAV know that your system is outstanding. This has been the simplest way to build a precious metals portfolio, while also earning a passive income every month. Usually when I think of business ownership, I think of exhausting 80-hour work weeks, complicated tech stuff, and thousands of dollars spent upfront. Since I’ve been part of LAV, I’ve seen an almost completely automated system provide 6 figure checks for me for 3 months straight. I rate LAV an 11 out of 10. I love referring this system to others and they thank me so much for showing them the simplest way to build wealth. That makes me feel so good! Thank you.”

Betty S., Retired Radiologist, Texas

“Five months ago, one of the happiest moments of my life occurred. I was able to fire my boss at Walmart. LOL. I was able to turn in my 2-week notice once I saw that my income from LAV was growing steadily month after month. It’s such a simple system. You join, you share, you earn…over and over again. The results come in so quickly because any person can see that joining is a no-brainer. Each sale turns into monthly earnings for you and it snowballs until you don’t have to really do anything. You should experience this for yourself…it’s hard to explain the joy I feel after finding LAV.”

Doug, Worked at Walmart before finding LAV, North Carolina


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